Essential Rewards

Enjoy exclusive perks by joining Young Living’s enhanced loyalty program… Essential Rewards (ER) thanks you for ordering your favourite products each month!

It’s a flexible, risk-free loyalty program, that gives you access to incredible extras such as:

1. Earn ER Points to spend like cash
2. Be rewarded with loyalty gifts each quarter for the first year
3. Earn a free DewDrop at three consecutive months, and an AromaLux Diffuser at nine consecutive months
4. Access exclusive income opportunities
5. Order 100+ PV or 190+ PV each month and our exclusive ER Bonus products are yours free too!

Not to mention preferred shipping rates, and easy monthly shipments – never run out of your must-have Young Living essentials again! Available exclusively to Young Living wholesale members, the ER program is packed with incredible member benefits you’ll love.

Exclusive Reward Points

Earn points toward future purchases with every Essential Rewards order. As your months on Essential Rewards increase, so do your rewards; for the first three months you’ll earn 10% of the PV value of your order in ER points, and the percentage increases from there!

For example, place a 50 PV Essential Rewards order in your first 3 months and earn 5 ER points to redeem for free products. The more you order, the more points you can redeem for free Young Living products.

Exclusive Loyalty Gifts

Earn gifts available only to members of the Essential Rewards program when you place consecutive Essential Rewards orders over 50 PV. Get rewarded when you consecutively order for three, six, and nine months—and beyond. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive blend at your 12th consecutive month!

Simply enroll in ER this month, and these amazing oils could be yours free:

  • 3 consecutive months: Grapefruit 15 ml*
  • 6 consecutive months: Copaiba 15 ml*
  • 9 consecutive months: Northern Lights Black Spruce 15 ml*
  • 12 consecutive months: Loyalty, a brand new blend formulated by Young Living founder D. Gary Young, specifically for new ER members!

* Loyalty gift oils identified above are available while quantities last. A similar oil will be sent out as a replacement in the event that quantities of the above oils are exhausted.

Earn Two Free Diffusers

You can unlock even more benefits by enrolling in ER with monthly orders of at least 100 PV; new ER members with monthly orders of 100 PV for the first three consecutive months will qualify for a FREE Dewdrop Diffuser. Continue for nine consecutive months, and the AromaLux Diffuser is yours free too. That’s in addition to the quarterly loyalty oils!

Exclusive Income Opportunities

Essential Rewards members who qualify for commission by placing a minimum 100 PV order each month can also access exclusive income opportunities. The Rising Star Team Bonus is just one way Essential Rewards members can access additional cash rewards.

Exclusive PV Promo Bonus

Take advantage of our monthly PV Promos, where you can earn even more free products, with monthly ER orders of 100 PV, 190 PV, 250 PV, or 300 PV – you’ll qualify for all the ER benefits (quarterly bonus oils, two free diffusers, ER points, etc.) PLUS our free PV Promotion products each month!

Easy Monthly Shipments

Enjoy the convenience of an automatic monthly shipment. Just set up your order and kick back as all of your favorite products are sent right to your doorstep, month after month. Want to change your ER order product mix each month? You can do that too.

Discounted Shipping

Essential Rewards orders all qualify for reduced shipping rates! Reduced ground shipping starts at $9.49 and will increase with weight.
Get Started
Become an Essential Rewards member in three simple steps.
1. Enroll as a Young Living Wholesale Member.

  • Online through Virtual Office
  • By phone at 1. 855.429.2616

2. Choose your favourite Young Living products or Essential Rewards Kit(s) worth at least 50 PV.
To manage your Essential Rewards order, simply log in to Virtual Office or contact Member Services, where a live operator can assist you.

Participation requires enrollment in a regular monthly order worth at least 50 PV. Young Living reserves the right to exclude any unavailable item(s).

You will not earn PV on products purchased with Essential Rewards points. Points may be redeemed on full PV product only. Some items, such as promotional items, may not be available for purchase using Essential Rewards points. Other exclusions may apply. Members are responsible for shipping, handling, and any applicable shipping tax. The cancellation of any Essential Rewards order forfeits all unused Essential Rewards points and resets the monthly participation in the program to zero. Points earned on any returned product will be forfeited.

1 Rates applicable on ground shipments in the continental U.S. and Canada only. Discounted rates are not applicable on Essential Rewards points’ redemption orders.
2 Months enrolled in Essential Rewards must be consecutive. Month one begins at the time of enrollment. Points cannot be redeemed until a member has participated in Essential Rewards for two consecutive months. Members may redeem up to 350 points per month. Points will expire on a rolling 12-month basis, meaning you may use them for 12 months from the date you earned them. If you drop out of the Essential Rewards program, you forfeit all points. Generally, one point is equivalent to $1. Redeem points by calling Customer Care at 1.800.371.3515.

Elite Express

Accelerate Your Leadership Journey with Elite Express!

An expansion on our globally successful Silver in 6 (Si6) program, Elite Express will reward even more members with high-value product and gear bundles that include:

  • Gold iPad Mini
  • Exclusive 30-oil collection
  • FitBit Charge HR wearable
  • 5-diffuser collection
  • 1,000 Essential Rewards points
  • And much more

Bottom line: This program offers big rewards for hard work. With rewards totaling a retail value of $9,474 USD*, there’s no better way for members to accelerate their dreams and their paths to leadership! While the Si6 program rewarded members who reached the rank of Silver from Executive in six months or fewer, Elite Express offers rewards to high-performing leaders who reach Executive, Silver, Gold, and Platinum within specific timeframes. A bonus reward track is available for those who go from Star to Platinum in 20 months or fewer!

How it Works:

There are four tracks that you can participate in, with the first track beginning the first time you reach the rank of Star. In order to qualify, you must maintain your prequalifying rank during the entire qualification period for each track, which begins the month after reaching the prequalifying rank for the first time. This allows a little extra time to qualify and hit the ground running.

Executive in 3 (Ei3)
  • Prequalifying Rank: Star
  • Qualification Period: Three calendar months from first-time qualification as Star
  • Maintenance: Maintain Star or Senior Star rank during each of the three qualifying months
  • Reward: Seed to Seal® collection, featuring an Aria™ Diffuser and 5-ml Peppermint, Idaho Blue Spruce, and Ylang Ylang essential oils; Young Living-branded padfolio. Retail Value: $424 USD*
Silver in 6 (Si6)
  • Prequalifying Rank: Executive
  • Qualification Period: Six calendar months from first-time qualification as Executive
  • Maintenance: Maintain Executive rank during each of the six qualifying months
  • Reward: Exclusive collection of 30 15-ml essential oils, FitBit Charge HR. Retail Value: $1,650 USD*
Gold in 6 (Gi6)
  • Prequalifying Rank: Silver
  • Qualification Period: Six calendar months from first-time qualification as Silver
  • Maintenance: Maintain Silver rank during each of the six qualifying months
  • Reward: Year’s supply of NingXia Red®; Thieves® collection, including 2-pack of Thieves Laundry Soap, 3-pack of Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, 2 32-oz. Thieves Foaming Hand Soap Refill, 2 64-oz. Thieves Household Cleaner, 2 15-ml Thieves essential oil blend; Gold iPad Mini.  Retail Value: $1,835 USD*
Platinum in 5 (Pi5)
  • Prequalifying Rank: Gold
  • Qualification Period: Five calendar months from first-time qualification as Gold
  • Maintenance: Maintain Gold rank during each of the five qualifying months
  • Reward: Premier Aroma collection diffuser collection, including AromaLux™, Dewdrop™, USB, Rainstone™, and Dino Land™ diffusers; Branded Luggage.  Retail Value: $4,265 USD*
BONUS: Elite 20 (E20)
  • Prequalifying Rank: Star
  • Qualification Period: 20 months from first-time qualification as Star
  • Maintenance: Must qualify for all four reward tracks within 20 months to qualify
  • Reward: 1,000 Essential Rewards points and free registration for the International Grand Convention.  Retail Value: $1,230 USD*

If you have already reached one of these qualifying ranks, you may still be eligible to participate in one or more tracks of the Elite Express program. For example, if Jill has recently reached and maintained Silver before the official rollout of Elite Express, she may still be eligible to participate in the Gi6 and Pi5 reward tracks. If you are already on track to qualify for our current Si6 program by qualifying for Executive by February 29, 2016, you may continue to do so and take advantage of the current Si6 rewards bundle for the Premier Aroma Collection and then go on to qualify for Gi6 and Pi5.

The Elite Express program is a rewarding addition to our recognition program and is absolutely voluntary. We’re excited to see how our incredible members take advantage of this unique opportunity and accelerate becoming leaders in their teams!

*Approximate value. Actual value may vary based on region.