Linda-Lea Matson

Linda-Lea Matson

Name: Linda-Lea Matson
Member Since: Year 2016
Young Living Independent Distributor ID: 105341135
Region: Newmarket, ON
Contact Tel: (289) 231-3551

About Me:
For as long as I can remember I have always been very busy! However, I never really considered how that lifestyle would affect my body or my life in the long run, until it started too in a negative way. At first I felt like I could manage the fatigue, but as time went on it started to affect my attitude towards everyone, including my fiancé and children. Not only was my attitude changing but my health started to dwindle. At this point, I decided that I needed a change not only for myself but for my family and starting searching for solutions.
I am not one to “follow fashion” so although many made suggestions as to what would help, I did my own research before actually going forward with any purchases. Luckily, I had a friend who was a distributor for Young Living!! After much research and debate I purchased my premium starter kit and have not looked back!! Just the other day my sister commented “You have oils everywhere!, 3 different places in your house, at your work, in your purse and now at my new place!!” lol Yes I fell in love, hard.

It is such a relief to know that I have made such an amazing addition to our lives! Our house always smells fresh. I diffuse Purification and Lemon everyday plus by using the Theives cleaner on any and everything, our house is always bad germ (not the good ones, we need those!) free!

I love learning about Young Living through all the resources they have available, team meetings and parties! I even enjoy just scrolling through for the latest products to try. My newest favorite product is the Orb Diffuser which I have started purchasing as gifts!!

Now that I have enhanced my family’s lifestyle, I can’t wait to share with everyone else!”