Donna Nesbitt

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Name: Donna Nesbitt
Member Since: 2015
Young Living Independent Distributor ID: 3322076
Region: Tiny, ON. Canada
Contact Tel: (705) 794-8050

About Me: For years I have been trying to remove the harsh cleaning chemicals from our home, Young Living Essential Oils has made this possible with their purity and therapeutic grade quality; I no longer have to worry about toxicity being inhaled, or left behind on a counter top. As well, having scent sensitivity and reacting to all chemical based fragrances, this is wonderful for me!! To be able to wear a natural scent on my clothing and body without fear of a headache forming or my nose feeling ‘on fire’ – AMAZING! Now, to spread the word, because I have so many friends who are scent challenged as well!
It’s so difficult to choose a favourite; this changes on a daily basis!! I am always drawn to Patchouli – so earthy & splendid! Peppermint is so invigorating! Frankinsence always keeps me coming back for more, it’s fresh and revitalizing for me.
I invite you to join me on my Young Living wellness journey, so that you may experience the love of the oils and reap the benefits as well.

Many Blessings.