All About Melissa

Melissa is a rare and special essential oil that’s among our favourite Natural Health Products (NHPs). From its sweet fragrance to versatility, we’ve put together some fun facts and tips to help you more fully experience this powerful essential oil!    Save or share this handy infographic with a friend; …

All About Frankincense

Frankincense’s rich history is woven tightly with humanity’s, and it remains an important part of many people’s lives. Use our infographic to see how you can incorporate it into yours!   What’s your favorite way to use Frankincense? Tell us in the comments!

A 7-day meal plan for the summer

All the fresh produce available during the summertime makes it a great time to refresh your nutrition and wellness goals. We asked Young Living Brand Ambassador and author of The Body Doesn’t Lie, Vicky Vlachonis to help us put together a seven-day meal plan that takes advantage of the farmer’s market …

All About Thieves

We offer a full line of Thieves products, but what do you know about the original blend?