5 Oils to keep your summer spirit alive

Within a few short weeks, we’ll start to see musings of ‘back-to-school’ messages and the impending transition makes it even harder to bid adieu to these coveted, warmer days.

 There’s something about summer and its simplest of days that have a magical way of magnifying our carefree moments and feel-good vibes. Whether you’re immersed in a can’t-put-it-down novel, enchanted with visiting friends and family, or sunshine-filled activities and festivals, making the most out of summer means keeping a few summer staples on hand.

This time of year is bursting with life and vibrant activity. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to capture those special moments of discovery and indulge in keeping the best parts of summer around with five healthy, pure essentials.

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  1. Orange

    orange15mlWherever you go, the bright, encouraging scent of Orange will follow – and you’ll be glad. Dripping with positive vibes, this sweet citrus is a welcome addition to any diffuser for a little extra summer zest. 

    Tip: Grab your diffuser and start enjoying these breezy summertime blends!
    Summer Vibes: 4 drops Lemongrass, 3 drops Orange, 2 drops Peppermint
    Sweet Summer: 4 drops Orange, 2 drops Lavender, 1 drop Lime, 1 drop Spearmint

  2. Citronella

    citronella15mlLift your spirits high with the fresh, elevating aroma of this multipurpose oil. Don’t leave home without it – whether you’re off to a family reunion in the park, enjoying a classic summer barbecue or lounging out on your patio, Citronella is your BFF for all-things summer. This natural health product helps relieve digestive discomfort, headaches and more!

    Tip: Instantly transform your next outdoor event with the relaxing glow and scent of Citronella and Lemon with a DIY Citronella floating candle bowl:

    What you need:

    • Glass bowl
    • 20 drops Citronella essential oil
    • 10 drops Lemongrass essential oil
    • 1 Tbsp witch hazel
    • Water
    • Decorations of choice (citrus peels, rosemary, flower petals, river rocks, etc).
    • 1 unscented floating candleArrange your decorations in the glass bowl. Add witch hazel, Citronella and Lemongrass essential oil. Fill with water and place floating candle on top.
  3. Rosemary

    rosemary15mlThe energizing, herbaceous fragrance of Rosemary keeps feelings of summer evergreen. Plus, it’s a great natural addition to the hair and skin!

     Tip: Show your sun-drenched locks some love with an oil infused DIY detangling spray that also helps moisturize the scalp.

    What you need:

    ¼ cup apple cider vinegar
    2 tsp vegetable glycerin
    1 tsp almond oil
    10 drops Lavender essential oil
    5 drops Rosemary essential oil

    Combine ingredients into a spray bottle and shake well.

    Want to skip the shower and still keep your locks fresh? Try this super easy Rosemary dry shampoo recipe!

  4. Patchouli

    patchouli15mlPatchouli is an oil after our own hearts – and skin. Its musky, peaceful aroma inspires Sixties reverie and is the perfect oil to accompany your sun kissed skin.

    Tip: Add a few drops of Patchouli to your facewash or moisturizer to reduce the appearance of acne, boils, cuts, bruises or other minor skin irritations.

  5. Helichrysum

    helichrysum5mlThe inner botanist in you will love the invigorating earthiness of this rare, self-seeding plant from the sunflower family. Commonly known as “Immortelle” or the “Everlasting Flower”, Helichrysum has huge benefits to the skin despite its seemingly small size.

    Tip: Long hours, days, or even weeks out in the sun can leave your skin dull and dry. Find soothing relief with a gentle massage of Lavender, Helichrysum and coconut oil after your summer adventures.

A perpetual summer is never far from reach – you only need to look to your oils to  continue enjoying the spirit of this delightful season!


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 What are your favourite oils for summer? Let us know in the comments below!